Bioelectric Mapping® Technology

Bioelectric Mapping® is a trade-secret formulation technology which enables us to have an accurate understanding of nature’s electric construct – how nature works. You could say we have discovered the Rosetta stone of physics. The Rosetta stone has two languages on it, Greek and Egyptian, and three writing systems. This discovery lead to the understanding of hieroglyphics which for hundreds of years were not understood until a French soldier stumbled onto the stone in 1801. Once the Rosetta stone was discovered the ability to read hieroglyphics became a reality. It’s the same with Bioelectric Mapping®. From our understanding of the biodynamic electric activity of our bodies we have discovered a technique to develop products that don’t impose on the body, but solve nutritional deficiencies and unleash nature’s power. 

Developed from over four decades of research, this formulation technique was discovered when it was observed that previously unrecognized nutrient interactions and related processes with the body led to a technique of mapping matrix conversions in the body. When a nutrient is ingested topically or orally, the human body transforms it to acquire the electric matrix it needs from that nutrient. The nutrient goes through many matrix conversions within the body. By mapping these matrix conversions we can correctly source pure ingredients with the specific properties, ratios and combinations that effectively match the body’s nutritional needs both inside and out. 

Armed with this information we can accurately track these pathways with our mapping technique that will match the correct nutrients to the body’s needs. This gives the body the optimal nutrition it needs to function at peak performance.

The above is a very limited explanation of how Bioelectric Mapping® works and hopefully will give you a basis as to how this formulation process and why our products are so effective.

Trusted Health Products, Inc. is the only company that has exclusive rights to use Bioelectric Mapping® technology.